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If you need strong, effective criminal defense representation against allegations of embezzlement, money laundering, fraud or other federal charges, or quality representation for a drug crime charge or other criminal investigation, Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney  Daniel L. Olsen and Michael G. Abrate can aggressively protect your rights in state and federal courts.  Abrate & Olsen Law is committed to excellence and to providing quality litigation to the greater Sacramento area.

Our skilled lawyer’s expertise and attentive personal service is as close as your phone. Call (916)550-2688. Your e-mail messages are welcome. If you reach us from a police station or jail after an arrest, we can arrange to meet with you there.


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Are you facing criminal charges?

The United States Constitution grants you several very important rights. One of those is that you are assumed to be innocent until proven guilty. Everybody also has the right to effective legal counsel and a fair trial. If you are facing charges for a crime or have been arrested you should seriously consider hiring experienced legal assistance. This single decision can make the difference between serving jail time and going free. It can also help keep your criminal record unchanged so that future opportunities remain open. Contact us today if you or a loved one faces a criminal charge and let us begin to work for your defense.

Whether your charges are a misdemeanor or a felony, we can help. We represent adults and minors in California federal and juvenile court. Every case is unique, which is why we will provide personalized attention at every junction. We can help you understand the process and inform you of any changes regarding your case. We have successfully defended clients from a range of charges.

Criminal convictions can result in heavy fines, time in jail, and probation. These things negatively impact family and employment. Even formal allegations of a crime can negatively impact your reputation. And convictions have lasting effects. We tailor our defense counsel to suit each client’s unique needs throughout the duration of their case. We can also assist with expungement and appeals to reduce the impact on your criminal record.

Our attorneys are patient and smart and ready to answer any questions about the legal process. Let our strong representation reduce your fears and give you the best chance at success in your case. Contact us today.

Daniel Olsen & Mike Abrate

Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney

Are you facing assault or battery charges?

Assault or battery are separate crimes that are frequently charged together. Assault refers to the threat or attempt at using force to cause harm to another, and battery refers to the violence itself. If you or someone you love faces assault or battery charges, please contact us as soon as possible. We are on your side in and out of the courtroom. We can develop a legal defense strategy likely to result in a verdict in your favor.

A conviction of assault or battery likely brings severe fines, prison time, other penalties, a probation period and restitution. Defending these charges sometimes calls attention to the fact that physical contact was either defensive or unintentional. Other times it might be argued that the alleged incident was in fact only a malicious accusation and never happened at all. Depending on the circumstances, each case should have a unique strategy. We will give your case careful attention. Contact us today.

The Abrate & Olsen Law Group are experienced trial attorneys who work tirelessly on behalf of their clients. They are former prosecutor who use their experience knowing how a DA thinks in order to get the best and often unexpected outcomes for their clients.

As a former prosecutors for both San Francsico and Sacramento as well as experienced defense attorneys, the attorneys at The Abrate & Olsen Law Group have the unique know how for how to best represent a client from the beginning stages all the way through a jury trial.

Dan Olsen and Mike Abrate both have extensive trial experience with phenomenal results.

At The Abrate & Olsen Law Group, we specialize in aggressive and personalized representation for major felonies, misdemeanors, and DUI’s. We are a full service criminal law group who will do everything possible to fight for your rights.

If you need strong, effective criminal defense representation against allegations of embezzlement, money laundering, fraud or other federal charges, or quality representation for a drug crime charge or other criminal investigation, Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney Daniel L. Olsen and Micheal G. Abrate can aggressively protect your rights in state and federal courts. The Abrate & Olsen Law Group is committed to excellence and to providing quality litigation to the greater Sacramento area.

Our skilled lawyer’s expertise and attentive personal service is as close as your phone. Call 916.550.2688. Your e-mail messages are welcome. If you reach us from a police station or jail after an arrest, we can arrange to meet with you there.

Daniel L. Olsen and Michael G. Abrate

Sacramento Assault and Battery Defense Attorney

Are you facing burglary charges?

Entering any commercial or residential property with an intent and ability to commit another crime like arson or theft constitutes burglary. One can be charged with first or second degree burglary even if no other crime has been committed. Entering an inhabited home automatically results in first-degree burglary charges which, under California’s three strikes law, would count as a strike.

You should speak to an experienced attorney immediately if you have been arrested for a burglary charge. Two, four, or six year prison sentences are the penalties for burglary in the first degree.

We have experience with both misdemeanor and felony criminal cases. We inform and defend our clients with all of the tools at our disposal and seek to get your charges dropped or reduced whenever possible.

If you or someone you know has been charged with burglary in the greater Sacramento area we know how to help. Give us a call so we can collect all of the details quickly and provide the best advice on a course of action to preserve your rights and defend you in court.
Daniel L. Olsen and Michael G. Abrate

Sacramento Burglary Defense Attorney Dan Olsen

Need assistance with domestic violence charges?

Domestic violence charges require legal intervention and entail serious consequences. Private arguments that result in violence can devastate couples and families and frequently warrant police investigation. However, misinterpretation of what happened during a dispute by police is more common than you think and might result in unfair charges. Police often fail to identify self-defense and frequently don’t take enough time to record the facts correctly.

Further, anger and jealousy frequently result in false allegations of domestic abuse. Police make on the spot decisions based on secondhand accounts of the situation. We understand that this is inadequate. We can help you face a domestic violence charge.

Convictions of domestic violence stay on your permanent record and appear on background checks. Depending on the degree of severity, charges may be felonies. In most counties in California, 30 days is the minimum jail time imposed for those who are convicted of domestic violence. Professional legal representation is a smart decision.

If you are facing domestic violence charges then a criminal defense attorney is required. We provide strategic legal defense to help you through these charges. We are eager to defend your rights and will pursue your case aggressively.

Daniel L. Olsen and Michael G. Abrate

Sacramento Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys The Abrate & Olsen Law Group

Are you facing drug charges?

Drug-related convictions bring very serious penalties and have negative consequences across your life. As the charges are more severe, prosecutors frequently become more aggressive. Frequently, recreational possession charges bring minimal penalties and can avoid punishments by utilizing rehabilitative programs as recommended by prop 36. However, facing charges of distributing illegal drugs is much more serious. It is imperative that you recruit professional legal counsel early on.

Being arrested for distributing narcotics like cocaine, meth, marijuana, heroin, ecstasy, and other prescription drugs brings harsh mandatory prison sentences and other restricting consequences. Convictions bring varying degrees of punishment depending on the drug, amount, and prior criminal record. So-called enhancement crimes possibly double or triple the potential sentence. In California, those three enhancement crimes are distributing drugs to people under 21, distribution near a school, or helping someone under the age of 18 violate narcotics laws.

It doesn’t matter what charges you face, our law firm will fight for the best outcome. We know you are under a great deal of stress and we are ready to provide attention and assistance. We are skilled in drug-related cases and will try to win acquittal or leniency.

Daniel Olsen & Mike Abrate

Sacramento Drug Possession Attorney

Are you facing drunk driving charges?

Deciding to drive after drinking too much can result in serious problems, such as criminal charges and possible incarceration. Being arrested for driving under the influence can be an unsettling experience and it should be taken very seriously. A DUI conviction can have far-reaching negative effects on your family, job, and personal relationships. Losing your drivers license could inhibit your own needs and present serious day-to-day challenges. Prosecutors in California are serious about pursuing DUI charges and convictions, and hiring a skilled attorney is the smart thing to do. Call today so we can help you better understand the process either you or a loved one are facing.

Even though first-time DUI charges are usually a misdemeanor, they still bring 3 to 5 years of probation, hefty fines, six months of having your drivers license revoked, mandatory DUI education, and two days of jail time. Since it is likely that this is the first time you have been in serious legal trouble, these consequences can be scary. And if this is a repeat DUI charge, the penalties you face are even steeper and bring the possibility of spending several years in jail. We can help you save your drivers license, call today.

Our experienced defense attorneys will help reduce penalties and possibly even seek to have the charges dismissed. We comprehend the problems you face and will guide you step-by-step through the process. We will work to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Daniel Olsen & Mike Abrate

Sacramento DUI Attorney Dan Olsen Law

Do you face felony charges?

Because of their serious nature, felony charges should be carefully managed by a criminal defense attorney from our law firm. We can help you avoid stiff penalties. Filed in a large number of criminal arrests, felony charges include drug crimes, violent crimes, white-collar crimes, domestic violence, weapons crimes, theft crimes, and juvenile crimes to list a few. If someone you care about faces felony charges, choosing proper representation is of the utmost importance. You can choose from thousands of eligible attorneys but what you really need is one with experience and a proven defense record handling serious felony charges in court. Our unwavering legal assistance can be your greatest asset when being accused of a felony offense.

Felony crimes in California carry harsh penalties for felony convictions. A third conviction can bring 25 years to life in prison for those with a prior record of criminal activity. We are familiar with the fear and stress that the accused face and are willing to do everything we can to get the matter moving in a positive direction. We are adamant about protecting the rights of those who have been accused from the instant they are arrested.

If contacted by a federal or state law enforcement agency, it is important not to answer any questions without a member of our legal team present to protect your rights. Frequently, questioning precedes an arrest. In the absence of a lawyer, your statements might be misconstrued. If you believe you may be under investigation for a felony offense please contact us immediately.

Our many years of experience have allowed us to build relationships that we can leverage on behalf of our clients. Let us collect the details of your case and develop a defense strategy that seeks to avoid harsh punishments.

Daniel Olsen & Mike Abrate

Are you facing grand theft charges?

Depending on the circumstances and any previous criminal history, California can consider grand theft to be either a misdemeanor or a felony. Grand theft typically involves the unlawful taking of another person’s property valued at more than $400. However, circumstances exist where grand theft can be charged for the taking of property valued at less than $400. For these types of complex charges, seasoned legal defense can be greatly beneficial to the fight for your legal rights. We have had past successes with grand theft cases and we know how best to serve your side.

Sometimes grand theft cases become complicated when prosecutors present additional charges. The theft of certain animals, guns, foods, or land often result in these situations. Charges of forgery, burglary, robbery, or receiving stolen property are common in these instances. We can educate you on the relevant laws affecting your case and act on your behalf to preserve your freedoms.

Punishments for grand theft convictions vary greatly in California. Jail sentences can be extended beyond three years in cases where additional charges have been brought. And grand steps frequently count as strikes under California’s three strikes law.

We may be able to have charges or sentences reduced. We diligently look for investigative errors or improper violations of constitutional rights. Sometimes a reason to believe that there was consent to use the property in question may serve as the basis for a sound defense against grand theft charges. If you were in fact entitled to that property, good legal defense can highlight this for a successful outcome to the case. Call us today on (916)550-2688 or find our contact information here.

Daniel Olsen & Mike Abrate

Sacramento Grand Theft Attorney

Are you facing juvenile criminal charges?

As one might expect, cases involving juvenile crimes are not treated the same as adult criminal cases. You should give us a call if your son or daughter has been accused recently of a criminal offense. The arrest of a minor disrupts families with stress and turmoil. We can give your child the best chance to stay out of the corrections system. We will try to have charges reduced or eliminated and advocate for court-ordered rehabilitation instead of punishment.

Judges determine the sentencing of juvenile offenders since they do not have the right to a jury trial. Our lawyers will push for your child to be able to make contributions to the community as a learning experience rather than harsher courses of action that are sometimes levied.

We have experience dealing with many types of juvenile offenses like burglary, gang crimes, murder, and rape. For crimes like these that carry a harsher punishment, we tried to keep them out of the adult criminal system and inside the juvenile court system whenever possible. We will provide information for you and your child at each junction and work to have juvenile criminal records sealed to avoid any negative impact in adulthood.

We can help you and your child if you are living in or near the greater Sacramento area. Contact our office as soon as possible after the arrest so we can advise your child who to speak to and how to prepare for court. The best interest of your child is important to us. We will stand with them from the outset to the conclusion and fight for their rights. Clear explanations and implications will provide the foundation you and your child need to make the best choices available.

Daniel Olsen & Mike Abrate

Sacramento Juvenile Crime Defense Law

Are you facing petty theft charges?

Petty theft is a crime that refers to intentionally taking the property of another without permission and with the intent to use what was taken for one’s personal use. If that personal property is valued at $400 or less than the state of California considers the crime to be misdemeanor petty theft. These charges, with up to three years of probation, a $1000 fine and up to six months in jail.

Since employers are privy to theft convictions, being found guilty of any form of petty theft such as shoplifting can have far-reaching negative effects. We are able to provide legal representation related to theft crimes that is effective and experienced.

Petty theft has several facets in the state of California. Removing somebody’s property without their consent is considered larceny. Presenting a false identity to obtain property, land, labor, or money is considered petty theft using false pretenses. And depriving somebody of something that was entrusted to you is known as embezzlement. We can further educate you on the charges you face and the best legal strategy to confront them. We have fought many criminal cases and have the experience to fight for your rights.

The intent of the person accused of petty theft is the most important part of these types of cases. To be successful a prosecutor must prove that the accused had an intention to steal. This includes cases where the intention after the theft was to sell the property, receive a refund for the item, or collect the reward. We have first-hand knowledge of how these cases are prosecuted and can provide unique insight for defending them.

One area that legal defense can help your case is in the determination of the value of the stolen item. This is not always cut and dry. For first offenders with stolen items valued less than $50 charges may be reduced down to an infraction from a misdemeanor which carries a maximum punishment of a $250 fine. We will negotiate with prosecutors for community service or education classes to avoid fines. We can also help in cases of false accusation. Give us a call.

Daniel Olsen & Mike Abrate

Are you facing robbery charges?

The use of force or threats is the primary difference between theft and robbery and the reason that all robbery crimes are prosecuted as felonies. First and second degree robbery by the two classifications. We can provide you with the most effective defense against your particular charges. | Sacramento Robbery Defense Law

Whether first or second degree robbery criminal charges are being brought, we have experience with justice system procedures to give you the very best defense. We aggressively pursue the possibility to have charges dropped or reduced and will remain by your side in court.

First-degree robbery will be charged if the crime occurred in any inhabited location or building such as a home, business, train, bus, or taxi. Any other circumstances would likely result in second-degree robbery charges. In California, all robberies are considered felonies and count as one strike under the three strikes law. It is important to begin your legal defense as soon as possible, so give us a call.

Daniel Olsen & Mike Abrate

Sacramento Robbery Defense Law

Are you facing sex crime charges?

If you are facing an investigation or charges for a sex crime than your personal and professional reputation as well as your freedom face serious challenges. Give us a call as soon as possible. Legal issues aside, the emotional and interpersonal challenges related to these accusations can be hard to cope with. We provide attentive legal assistance and have the ability to navigate oppressive treatment that often comes along with sex crime charges. We use our legal talent to defend our clients objectively and professionally. We know that it is frequently the case that accusations are made emotionally that can be unjust or uncalled for.

If the accusations involve someone under age, it is prudent to realize that these witnesses can be falliable. We look forward to reviewing the details and preparing an investigation that will cover all of the points needed for the best defense. We can help negotiate charges that may save you from registering as a sex offender for the rest of your life.

It is the case that innocent, inappropriate touching or flirting can result in serious charges of a sex offense. These can be felonies. We are prepared to help you mitigate the serious charges you may be facing.

Daniel Olsen & Mike Abrate

Sacramento Sex Crimes Defense Attorney

Are you facing shoplifting charges?

Sometimes shoplifting is the result of forgetfulness and sometimes it is the result of an impulsive desire. When the value of the items stolen is less than $400 it is treated as petty theft. This is a misdemeanor that can sometimes be dropped if the item is returned or if restitution is paid. However, when the value of the stolen item is higher than $400 it is considered grand theft and the potential consequences are increased since it is a felony. We can help you address these charges and in some cases reduce or eliminate them altogether.

Our lawyers handle the defense of all kinds of cases involving theft crimes. We are familiar with the emotions caused by being charged with shoplifting. We will clearly explain the available options and help to deal with the matter quickly and effectively. We will attempt to get your charges dropped or reduced and work with any businesses involved to negotiate a positive outcome to your charges.

Many businesses use theft prevention systems like security tax, cameras, and guards. Big businesses can lose a lot of money annually to shoplifting. Our legal team will explore each unique element of your case as quickly as possible to mitigate negative effects that a conviction could bring. Repeat shoplifting offenders likely face increased penalties and potential felony charges that bring jail sentences. Helped to protect yourself from undue penalties by hiring us for your defense.

Daniel Olsen & Mike Abrate

Sacramento Shoplifting Defense Attorney